Dear Sunil ji
Its my immense pleasure to congratulate you for your new venture and future assignments.Wish you all the Best. Your dedications and hard work you have put in all these years is appreciable. I would also take this opportunity to Thank you for your support extended during the troubled times while in Deepk Fertilisers Ltd. It was an example of handling the six months strike and providing guidance with a professional approach. You were a mediator who helped the management and union to resolve the matter. Your continuous efforts to resolve the matter was an experience for me. I still recollect your heroics and art of putting forth managemnt and union proposals before the Hon'ble Minister. Your negotiations skills are an example for the youngters to learn. I am Happy that a true professional is now taking up a new endeavour. It has been a long journey and it still continues. Wish you a very happy journey to guide the industries to take it to the next level. Looking forwrd to hear few more intersting experiences to be shared.
Thanking you.

Manoj Paranjape

I know Shri Sambhaji Kakade much prior to his joining labour department, a very keen learner, knowledgeable, and hard working person, friend of all. He was a good conciliator, because of his knowledge and ability to listen and understand people and their issues.He is a good trainer.
I came to know Sunil Bagal in 2000, since then we are good friends, as a consultant to Security Guard Board, I had close interaction with him. I observed him as a very quite and fair person with good knowledge of the subject. He handled various responsibilities in Mathadi Board, Security Guard Board. Because of helping nature, he always gave amicable solutions to the parties.
I wish both of them a very enterprising second inning

Adv. Shriniwas Inamati

Current Volatile business situation ,Global competition , automation and technological and business disruptions are leading to employment uncertainty , growth in I R disputes and unrest amongst the employees in all the sectors of business . History is seen repeating again and rise in unionisation of employee is on increasing trend. Including white color workmen ie - I T sector. It is an upcoming challenge to Business and HR /IR professionals. Success of running business gainfully will be depending on effective people management and thus importance of IR is again felt across the board. Practising I R is not knowledge based but it is a Skill acquired through practical experience .Success in an Industrial Relations situation is not depending on , how qualified and HR / IR head is ? It depends on the practical handson experience one has and who is guiding him in IR issues. Today there are few IR experts in market who are having large experience to handle any type of IR situations and wage settlement issues with different trade unions. This is an important skill set. Having them is need of an hour.
Having successfully served for number of years in Labour department and actively involved in number of wage settlements and effectively handling I R disputes Mr. Bagal Saheb and Mr. Kakade saheb have definitely acquired these skills . It is a privilege for all the youngster and mid experienced IR practitioners in getting this opportunity of having Mr. Bagal and Kakade saheb for guiding and hand holding in IR and Labour laws compliance . All should utilize this opportunity in I R career building. Generally Govt Officers are waiting for retirement from active service and lead restful remaining years of life. The initiative taken by both of them is appreciable and commendable in giving their best to the next generation I R fraternity . Which will definitely help to maintain better IR situations across and will lead to business growth and in turn a National Growth.

P. K. Kumbhar