Labour Audit

Conduct Labour Audits

Our Labour Audit Services ensure compliance management of labour, employment and Industrial laws. We help industries and small scale units in taking corrective measures to avoid any unwarranted legal actions by the regulators against the business and its management.

There are many labour laws and regulations, governing the employment relationship. HR professional must pay attentions to help their organizations in avoiding costly fines and legal actions against the senior officials of the organizations. The audits will help to achieve this goal. HR person plays a role of key person and has to handle many other responsibilities, thus to ensure the right compliance, the legal compliance audits are must. We support our clients to achieve this.

We always say…………………“Prevention is better than cure.” ….

We all know , if we don’t take Preventive steps, well in time, for curing one’s serious disease may not only result in exorbitant costs for medical treatment but also snatch away one’s dearest and most precious human life in the advance stage of the serious ailments.

The same way, “Legal Audit” can be compared to preventive laws initiated with abundant and discreet prudence and caution to dispense with any litigations arising in future, and consequently may culminate in burning one’s fingers, like getting sued, fined or prosecuted or penalty imposed in avoidable litigations due to deficiencies and lacuna existing in the compliances of companies.

The importance of Legal Audit is to identify the potential present and prospective legal problems by the legal audit team. Operations and strategies to reduce if not to eliminate the potential and vulnerable legal risks & dangers to the Company.

Each and every paper right from the licenses & permits issued to the Company , all the compliances documents, pending legal actions & litigations will be screened and analyzed and the legal lacuna will be diagnosed to find out effective key solutions.